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Dear Prophet of God, with great joy I forward my testimony to you. For many years I have been searching for power to boost my business until I located your site of which I contacted you and I ordered for the Holy Mantle with Anointing Oil. Ever since I began to use these items I have been experiencing the power of God and steady progress in my business and my profits have increased considerably. Without any doubt your Holy Mantle with Anointing Oil is real which works supernatural wonders! I belong to a business club which I will introduce your ministry to. I'm glad that I found you at the right time and I'm forever grateful to God who blessed me! Keep up the good work prophet!!
- Kojo M., Ghana

Hello Prophet of God, With a heart that overflows with gratitude I'm forwarding my testimony. For so many years I have been searching for anointing power impartation to uplift my ministry of which I have tried everything else which did not work for me. But after discovering your website through Google search engine I got the conviction right inside my heart that I am in the right place. I immediately ordered for Holy Mantle with Anointing Oil for impartation and also some of your books. After receiving them I put them to use immediately as instructed. It's amazing to notice that after a few days of putting them to use I started feeling total transformation of my body; your divine products are excellent materials for my soul! Ever since this change has come upon me I feel something powerful filling my heart and body with exceeding joy. Right now I can do extraordinary things like speaking with fire prophetic voice and performing healing miracles and deliverance on the oppressed, as well as seeing clear visions! I shall forever be grateful to God for connecting me with you at the right time in my missionary journey. Stay blessed beloved prophet of the Most High!
- Pastor Patrick A., U.K.

Hello Great man of God, we have been blessed by your anointing impartation. Also we want to thank God for your awesome prophesies in the website that are manifesting in a very great way! May the Lord continue to uplift you and your ministry.  We thank God for your anointing, covering and calling, and for your courage and obedience to the voice of the Lord at all time to reach out to the world. I and my entire congregation love what God is doing in your life and ministry. We are excited about your sharp prophesies!  We are indeed grateful to God for His power that is manifesting through you in a great way in our own time. While reading through your prophetic utterances for this year and the previous years our thought and prayer is that these great manifestations will change the hearts and minds of billions of people on earth and they shall fear the powerful and mighty God of the universe and run to His kingdom for lasting peace. There is no doubt your prophesies and their manifestations are going to have a big impact on people’s lives; to change their mentality to have kingdom mindset that will bring about good harvest of souls into the kingdom of our God. In this end-time period God is definitely moving and touching many lives through your wonderful revelations!  Glory be to the Lord forever and ever more!
- Rev. Clement I., Australia

Dear Prophet of God, before I went for the crusade in Lesotho I asked you to pray for me and to connect with me spiritually for three days of the crusade. I want to testify that God spoke mightily in the crusade with wonder manifestations in the lives of the people through out! There was massive gathering and I was shocked to see frightening miracles happening life!  May God continue to bless you my prophet. I had never seen God use me this much! I would like to receive another powerful Mantle, I can’t wait to have it! God is glorified in Jesus name.
- Pastor Matebogo M., South Africa

Dear Daddy in the Lord, thank you for your anointing impartation upon my life. The Holy Mantle that I received worked in a miraculous way! I have just returned from two weeks long Revival Crusades and Camp Meetings in Europe. Lives were touched and saved, the sick healed & delivered. The people encountered God and were all blessed! God moved in great revival power and in supernatural way, and impartation received by the people! Missionary dream is being fulfilled to reach out to multitudes with the Gospel and great harvest, glory be to the Lord!! Thank you Daddy for your impartation and prayer support to fulfill my calling.
- Pastor Charles G., Canada

Good day Prophet of God, yesterday I chatted with you of which you also prayed for me. It’s amazing just before I woke up this morning I had a dream finding myself and my husband leading singers with a choir at the back. The scenario looked like I was in heaven! Thank you prophet for the anointing released upon my life. Though I have been a devoted Christian in the church for many years, but I never had things like this happening to me! You are a wonderful prophet with supernatural anointing! Thank you Jesus!!
- Sonya M., South Africa

Dear Daddy in the Lord, I’m a poor young man married with three children. We live all days of our lives in abject pain and poverty. Before locating your site through Google search engine
I used to be very stressful worrying about what tomorrow would bring, but now God is in control ever since I called you after locating your website of which you prayed for me and released the anointing upon my life. Through divine grace I was able to raise some fund from friends to start a small business and I’m doing fine; God has been faithful in blessing me. Your God opened the door of prosperity for me and I shall be grateful all days of my life. By next month I’m planning to start sending my Seeds and Tithes to your ministry as directed. Glory be to the Almighty God who answered my prayers!
- Fenyang T., Botswana

Dear Prophet of God, For some years doors of prosperity seemed closed against me and my business went down completely. In my quest for solution to my financial predicament and to bring back my business I began to search for power and miracles which never come my way. I met with men of God and spiritualists from all walks of life but all to no avail as my problems became worsened. At the verge of giving up on life, a friend of mine introduced me to your website and I got fascinated with what I saw and it was amazing to see how the Lord God opened doors for me during this period of contacting you. My business is now back alive and I’m doing well, also currently planning expansion. Your Holy Mantle and Anointing Oil worked wonders in my life! How I wish I had known you years back! Truly you are called by God and I thank the Lord for my miracles and success. As a Kingdom Partner I shall surely be faithful in sowing Seeds to the Kingdom. Praise the Lord!!
- Hendrick P., Namibia

Hello Prophet, I have remained jobless for a couple of years and I became traumatized by the woes around me. When I located your website I called you directly, you then prayed for me to encourage me. Your words lifted me up and pointed me back to Jesus. A few days later after your prayer I got a call for an interview from a company which I had submitted my application to, for over a year. The interview went well, and I got the job. To my surprise, I was offered the best remunerations ever! Compared to most professionals in my category, my earnings were considered high. I thank God for His favor and amazing grace upon my life. Thank you prophet for the anointing that worked for me! I shall remain faithful in sending my Titles and Offerings. God is glorified in the Highest!!
- Festus G., U.S.A.

Daddy, Greetings. I want to give all glory to God for all He is doing in my life and ministry.  It’s amazing to see that my ministry is now getting revived day by day with the Holy Mantle and Anointing Oil you gave me. On one occasion I used the Mantle by placing it on a woman who has been having pains in her womb for 8 years and she was healed mysteriously. Ever since then, so many miracles have been happening around me and in my Church to the glory of God. I am working on sending in my Seeds.  Thank you Daddy.

- Apostle Samuel A., Nigeria

Good morning Daddy servant of the Most High. You are great papa! I’m just reading your book and I can see the future, it’s amazing! I can’t wait to visit you papa, you are showing me heaven and my hope is lifted! I can now prophesy and I can heal the sick, anointing power is all over me! I thank the Lord for connecting me with you.
- Jonas K., Botswana

Dear Prophet, I'm ever so grateful and humbled by your prayers. I see a spiritual revolution taking place in my life and ministry right now! I've not had special invitations for a long time for prophetic ministration in other churches, in fact, for years this didn’t happen! But to my greatest surprise, an invitation came after receiving your Holy anointed prayer Mantles which I used as directed. During my ministration the presence of God overwhelmed me and people were knocked down by the Power of God without laying hands on anyone which is amazing and frightening! Dear Prophet I laid hands on no one! The mighty power of the Holy Spirit manifested fully and people were healed and blessed with ease without struggle! Wicked demonic power, evil bondage and satanic chains were broken! When I left the church it’s unbelievable people were still rolling and groaning! I shall NEVER forget this as long as I live! It has never happenned before in my life! I wished I should have met you long time ago I would have been very far by now in my calling! This is a great beginning for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you man of God! Another thing I observed Prophet, on Sunday when you were praying for me, fear left me immediately and I felt light, but suddenly again, something heavy came upon me and overwhelmed me just after your prayers and I felt the boldness and power upon my life from that time on! Without any doubt, you are a great man of God!
- Pastor Xolani M., South Africa

Good morning wonderful Prophet of God. I was led to this website by the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your prayers the other day. I’m so grateful that God has made 2017 a gracious year for me to meet you, thanks for all your help. Yesterday’s Church service was awesome; the anointing was brilliant, the flow and the attendance were fantastic and the atmosphere was different. Thanks for your prayers.
- Pastor Oklo K., United Kingdom

Greetings my Prophet, Praise the Lord! I have started seeing increase attendance of brethren in my Church, new souls are being added, there is testimonies of new jobs, healing and commitment to God’s work. There is great manifestation and outpouring of God’s amazing power upon my life and my Church!  I’m believing God for more wonders! Thank you so much Papa. You’re truly God sent! I can’t wait to send an offering and to order more! Stay blessed.
- Pastor Grace M., South Africa

Daddy, praise the name of the Lord in the Highest! You prayed for my wife HAWA SEEBO who was diagnosed of stroke and brain damage. Based upon your prayers and prophetic instructions my wife was discharged one week after the prayers. Daddy, I have never seen you neither have I gotten any product from you, but your love for humanity had left a positive scar in my Christian journey. Daddy the prayers also helped reduced the hospital bills. I will send my donation or vow to the ministry this month. Thanks again for the prayers. Shalom!
- Pastor Prince Seebo, Liberia

Daddy, I want to bless the Lord once again for making me to come across you. I cannot but say thanks to you for your prayers, kindness and faithfulness to God and mankind. May you live long for us in Jesus name. Amen. After few hours of applying the Oil and Mantle, my prayer strength that was long ago stolen was restored and I now pray longer than before. Also my dream life has changed; I now see victory in my dreams. Daddy you are wonderful! Please continue on your intercessory for me. As a member of the Kingdom Partner I pledge to be faithful in my Tithes and Offerings as the Lord God Almighty keep on blessing me financially. Thanks, my regards to your family, other Kingdom Partners and to the body of Christ Jesus.
- Evang. Olubodun Alexander, Nigeria

Prophet, I just want to testify that God is really moving in my life and I never thought that I would have my own business so soon! For years I have been sunk down in debts as a result of my meager income. Your anointing power works wonders for me and I’m grateful to God for connecting me with you. Praise the Lord!!
- Lucas H., Switzerland

Dear Prophet, Thank you for your fatherly care and spiritual support. Ever since I started using the Holy Mantle and the Anointing Oil you sent me for anointing impartation and Church upliftment things have changed for good with huge progress and blessings of God from all sides. Each Sunday we have wonderful service in the Church and new brethren are added, to the glory of God.
- Pastor Frederick J., Canada

Sir, I’m Shadrick here in Zambia. I’m very grateful God is doing great wonders in my life. Your Holy Mantles and Anointing Oils are really working miracles! What a blessing to come across your site!! Now l need Cleansing Fire Anointing Oil for myself, family and entire home for purification and deliverance from satanic yoke. This is wonderful, Jesus is Lord forever!
- Shadrick M., Zambia 

Hello Prophet, I discovered your website by searching on the Google search engine while I was seeking for solutions to many problems I was going through. After going through the website I quickly ordered for Holy Mantles and Anointing Oils to solve my problems for the specific areas of need. After a few days I received the Holy Mantles and Anointing Oils which I used by faith as instructed. A few weeks later, my ugly situation subsided and I got a new job with good remuneration. Today I’m filled with joy; God miraculously granted me the highest favor ever. I wish to give all the glory to God and say thank you prophet for your mighty work in God’s vineyard. 
- Niccola O., Italy

Hello Prophet Stanley, I praise God for Holy Mantles and Anointing Oils that work! I thank God for you Prophet Stanley, may God Almighty continue to use you to touch more and more lives in the world through your special anointing power. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I am so grateful for the Holy Mantle and Anointing Oil you sent to me; they are powerful items.  I am healed and I have paid off all my debts in Jesus name! Thank you Prophet of God. l also recommended your website to all my friends in need of spiritual solution and they all agreed with me, you have a special way of solving people’s problems through your special anointing impartations, to God be the glory. I look forward to ordering more Holy Mantles and Anointing Oils for more miracles.
- Jessica R., Mexico

Dear Daddy in the Lord, Praise God! I bless the Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done to my life since I located your website and ordered for Holy Mantles and Anointing Oil. For sure God has given me victory and I will lift up His name for He has done it again in my life. I thank God for this great ministry; I thank my friend for introducing me to Holyriches website. I and my family give praise to the Lord for you prophet of God and the entire ministry for the opportunity to tap into this realm of power. No more nightmares and my business is doing well to the glory of God. God bless your ministry and members of Kingdom Partners.
- Joseph C., Mali

Hello Prophet of God, It was the Holy Spirit who directed me to your site after 7 days of marathon prayer and fasting. For 4 years the problems of my sister who was involved in an accident became compounded as we could not get solution for her. After locating your website, I immediately ordered for the Holy Mantle and Anointing Oil for her. As instructed I decided to pray with her and included fast for 21 days. I prayed earnest prayers at midnight with tears in eyes asking God to heal her that His glory maybe revealed. At the end of the 21 days of prayer with Mantle my sister was completely healed. The swollen leg is gone and going back to normal. I praise the name of God.
Alex J., United Kingdom

Hello Prophet Stanley, My testimony is a great one; I had a court case hanging on my neck for four years. I tried everything within me to be free but all efforts to no avail. It was when I was about to give up that one of my friends directed me to your website where I read about spiritual solution to problems. I quickly ordered for the Holy Mantle and Anointing Oil which I put to use immediately. A few weeks later I won the case, and was restored back on my work and God has been so faithful to me. Truly you are a great man of God and a blessing to this generation. May the name of the Lord be praised forever in Jesus name.
- Denis K., Senegal

Dear Prophet of God, a friend of mine who has been blessed through your ministry directed me to your website of which what I found was pleasing to me about the deliverance and testimonies of people from all over the world. You prayed and prophesied for me and assured me of victory over the challenges I have at work, and you also advised me to order Holy Mantle and Anointing Oil to solve my problem which I did and of which I received the items a few days later and used as directed. This is my testimony, please praise the Lord with me; as prophesied, I finally changed my job to a new well-paid one and my bad dreams and nightmares are gone away forever! Using your Holy Mantle and Anointing Oil and victory to my problems has brought me exceeding excitement and has drawn me closer to God. Glory be to the Lord in the Highest! Thank you prophet of God.
- Allan M., Costa Rica

Dear Prophet, I was involved in a fierce legal battle which has stretched for over eight years. But I was fortunate to come across your site through the internet of which I quickly contacted you for urgent spiritual help. I immediately ordered for the prescribed Holy Mantle and the Anointing Oil of which I received and used as directed. To my greatest surprise, the case was judged in my favor within 30 days of using the Holy Mantle and the Oil. I am very grateful, my victory was made possible by my God through His anointed prophet, I thank the Lord and I will forever glorify Him for His grace and mercy upon my life. I will soon order for more Holy Mantles and Anointing Oils, they are working for me and achieving the desired results. God bless you man of God.
- Philip G., Hungary

Hello Prophet, thank you for the Holy Mantle and the Anointing Oil, and also for the prayers! It’s amazing I got the job after 5 interviews!! May your anointing never go down in Jesus name. I will forever live to remember your good works. God is wonderful and gracious to me! Thank you and stay blessed.
- Morgan W., USA

Hello Great Man of God, I am delighted to let you know that the Lord has finally answered my prayer.  My promotion which was long overdue at my company was finally granted in February this year. Back log of unpaid remunerations were also paid. Thank you for the anointing impartation through the Holy Mantles, Anointing Oils and powerful intercessory. May you remain blessed as you impact this generation for good. Glory be to the Lord!
- Sunday E., Nigeria

Dear Prophet of God, please continue praying for my children I know the power that God has given you; it has worked for me, and I know it will work for them to reshape their destiny. I will order for more Holy Mantles and Anointing Oils soon. Shalom! Remain blessed in the Lord prophet.
- Cynthia P., U.S.A.

Dear Prophet Stanley, happy new year to you Sir. I have a great testimony to share with you. Things have really taken a better turn in my life right now. Some how, God miraculously provided some money for me and I started up my business in January this year and we have been growing since then. The Holy Mantles and the Anointing Oil work for me and I thank the Lord. I believe that God has now remembered me and I am so grateful, and also I am grateful to you for this help and support you gave me in your prayers, may God bless you for this.
Chuks A., Nigeria

Hello Daddy in the Lord, Halleluyah! Praise the Lord with me things are now working out fine for me as expected!! After I received the Anointing Oil which you sent to me and put it into use I began to prophesy; I gave some prophesies to my brethren in the Church and some brethren came to testify about the prophesies. They were all amazed about the prophesies and this was my first time of getting testimonies from my prophesies. Man of God, I am right now overwhelmed with joy and excitement, my God will never let you down, He will continue to use you to bless people in the world, and your own blessing will never stop coming to you from God in Jesus name.
- Pastor Kingsley N., Nigeria

Hello Prophet, a friend of mine gave me your website of which I quickly ordered for Holy Mantle and Anointing Oil for my business. I thank the Lord that my stagnating business has started picking up again, all glory be unto the Lord. For some years my business was in total paralysis because of lack of fund and other forces beyond my control. I am grateful to God for making contact with an anointed man of God like you and I will forever remain loyal and faithful as a Kingdom Partner. Thank you, great prophet of God. 
- Mulubwa J., Zambia

Dear my spiritual Prophet, I could not wait until Monday to tell you about this morning service.  As you have earlier prophesied, something happened in the Church, even as I attempted to stand up, the Holy Spirit had already taken over the whole auditorium and everywhere was filled with power, miracles and blessings! More than ever before there was much rejoicing in our Church and it was a day never to be forgotten! To everyone’s amazement, many new brethren who have not been coming to the Church joined today and were all blessed. The name of the Lord is forever magnified in Jesus name. Prophet, you just don't know how I feel right now. I thank God for you, and please keep me in your prayers always as my spiritual father because your prayers work miracles.
- Rev. Esther K., U.S.A.

How is the work of God Daddy? Honestly I’m so happy to be in contact with you. Ever since I locate this site, I have full confidence in myself, GOD is my evidence and I will shock my  community with my overwhelming blessings!  Honestly, my dreams have changed completely for good and we talk about you every day in my family. I will be sending my offerings regularly to the ministry for the Kingdom work.  I and my wife, and entire family members have been cleansed from all the negative household forces! Hahahah…! Thank you Daddy Kuforiji. Let the Almighty God be praised forever in Jesus name. Amen!!!
- Stephen A., Nigeria

Hello Prophet Stanley, Your Prayers and Friendship is more than enough Prophet Stanley! As prayed and decreed upon my life, I have many good testimonies to the glory of God! The Lord has brought me out of a hard battle! All honor, glory and praise to El-Shaddai, Jehovah Shalom, Who was, Who is, and Who shall forever be, forever and forever...!!!
- Gerald H., U.S.A.

Beloved Prophet Stanley (Papa), It will be GREAT to see you face to face, sir. Please let me know when you are coming to UK. I don’t want to miss the opportunity. Ah, you mentioned impartation of anointing! That will be wonderful, and I hope you will not be too busy to give me that blessing when you visit. Moreso, I have read your story; your sojourn in the forest of beasts at an early age, and the great things God has accomplished through you. I'm impressed by what God is doing through you, and equally eager to know you in person. Prophet, you know sometimes I’m a bit worried about how things have been with my life, and I always prayed to come across a great man of God like you to help bring solution to all my worries and desires. Please keep me informed; don't allow that wonderful angelic opportunity pass me by. God bless you Sir.
- Johnson F., U.K.

Hello my Daddy in the Lord, Praise the Lord with me, God is starting to show up Himself; it’s now happening and more and more brethren are flowing in with blessings! My Church is growing rapidly! The only thing left to be done is the power of prophecy to prophesy into brethren’ lives, because people this side like it more than anything to receive sharp and accurate prophesies. So, now, I’m asking for the Holy Mantle for me to pledge for it. I want the strongest one like the Anointing Oils which you sent me. Man of God I believe it should be expensive because expensive things attracts greater things. I can testify that God is using you mightily on earth, may God continue using you for the world. Remain blessed prophet of the Most High!!!
- Pastor Pius M., UK. 

Dear Pa Prophet Stanley, WONDERFUL.... May God bless and strengthen you for the prayers and scriptural blessings you have poured out on me. I was just saying "Amen, Amen" as i read the prayers and imagined you praying those prayers over me. Then I grabbed my bible to read the full biblical contexts of the scriptures; amazing! I am taking your word literally...and believing that i am a dominion child as you have said. I believe my prophet. May God continue to strengthen and empower you to raise up champions of tomorrow, and to bless you in all of your endeavors. All our hard work, shall never be in vain in Jesus name. Thank you, Man of God. God bless you.
- Albert G., U.K.

Hello Daddy, Good morning, how’s the work in the Lord’s vine yard. Daddy I’m proud to be associated with you. Since I knew you, all the time I’m now a happier man than before, your prayers are a soothing relief to my soul and I’m lifted up high and feel good! You’re indeed a gift to this generation. May the Almighty God keep on leading you.
- Roland C., Nigeria

Dear Prophet I wish to use this occasion to thank you for the anointing impartation you conferred upon my life a few weeks ago. To demonstrate the supernatural power of God our just concluded 3 Day Revival transformed many in our church. There were many miracles and salvation over the 3 days power nights! The hunger of the people of my entire community for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Glory of God was evident each night. Many with diabetes, rheumatism, cancers, drug addiction and other ailments experienced God's healing power. A large number of people were saved each night. Thank you Daddy for your Holy Mantles and relentless intercessory. Praise the Lord Most High God!
- Donne W., U.K.

Dear Daddy in the Lord, as you are aware through my communications with you, my case was a chronic Pituitary tumor which caused hormonal imbalances. I have been on treatment since 1999, and ever since then, certain hormone levels have always been above the normal no matter the medication and remedy I apply. Not too long ago a friend directed me to your site to order the Holy Mantles and books which I did immediately for my healing and curses breaking. I received the Holy Mantles and immediately put them to use with total faith in the power of the Mighty God to save and heal me. After finishing my 18 Days mandatory Prayers with the Holy Mantles as you directed me, I went for my usual routine blood test and to my amazement, for the first time ever since having been diagnosed, the hormone levels were absolutely normal! This is the greatest mystery of my life since I was born 46 years ago! The results showed that the tumor is no longer there; it has been dissolved mysteriously and I am completely relieved now and alive to the glory of God! Praise the Lord forever more for His miracles received through your ministry! I will visit you soon with my family for my thanksgiving. 
- Esther G., Holland

Dear Prophet of God, I have been suffering from severe headaches that used to come and go for almost two years. These pathetic situations of mine use to be as if someone is sending evil arrows to my life and wanted me dead! Early this year alone I went for multiple x-rays and scans and the doctors said that everything was fine according to the scans. Each time I received the attacks my eyes would turn red and felt like my head was about to explode! This was a big problem and no one could help me out! I began to search for holy power through Google search engine and I discovered your site among several others! This was the beginning of my miracles because as I read your website something pulsated within my spirit that solution has come which prompted me to call you immediately that same night to explain my problems. You asked me to order 3 Holy Mantles you mentioned to me with two books which I did the following day. I received the Holy Mantles and used them as prescribed. Daddy, it's amazing to me and my family that after 4 days of applying my Holy Mantles I received divine visitation of God's supernatural power and my severe headaches were gone away forever! I am presently planning to order more Holy Mantles from your site for all other problems of my life and I thank God Almighty for directing me to your site. Glory be to the Lord I am healed and my healing is permanent in Jesus name!
-  Davies T., Nigeria

Dear Daddy in the Lord, a month ago, a Press woman known to me approached me that she wanted to use me to investigate the authenticity of your claims as published on the internet everywhere around the world.  I thought it was a joke until she handed some cash to me asking me to place orders for some of your Holy Mantles and Oils! The following day, I placed the orders and sent the donations as required for the Holy Mantles and Oils. After a few days, I also called you and you informed me that my orders have been dispatched! Immediately after calling you, my spirit started agitating violently within me and I was no longer comfortable as if something tragic is going to happen to me! At this stage, my eyes opened clearly to see from the spiritual realm and was terribly afraid for the first time of my life that I have been seduced into working as a spy against the prophet of God! Daddy, the shocking thing finally happened when the news came to me that my Press woman friend has been involved in a ghastly motor accident in the city and got one of her legs permanently broken! Daddy I am confessing to you now because my conscience is troubling me as I do not want any evil to befall me and my family. Also please advise me if I can use the Holy Mantle and the Oil that I ordered because I did not order them with my own money but from the spy woman as I said. Daddy please let me know whether to use them or not because I have my own money ready with me to place my own personal orders.  I believe in my heart based on some frightening revelations that I see around me that you are a true man of God. Expressing myself to you has given me joy and relief in my heart that I’m set free in Jesus name. 
-  Felicia P. W., Malaysia

Dear Daddy, after I discovered your site through my friend from the same Church, we both ordered for the Cleansing Fire Anointing Oil and the Demons Begone Forever Anointing Oil which you recommended and prepared specially because of the nature of our problems. We both received the Oils and I followed the instructions by anointing my home and the surroundings. To my utter shock, exactly after the third day of applying the Oil as instructed, a man who has been hanging around with my wife and who is residing in the second street ran to me very early in the morning begging me to forgive him of his evil acts! I was deeply sorrowful and I wanted to cut him with machete, but I quickly remembered your warnings never to avenge for myself in a trivial situation like this! Daddy, without any doubt there is power in your ministry and we are inviting you to come and set up your ministry branch in Zambia where people will see the real power of God in action
- Tembo C. N., Zambia

Dear Prophet, I live in the UK and I got the link to your website through my uncle living in Singapore. What I saw and read convinced me that I am in the right place and I quickly ordered for Success Holy Mantles with the book yowhich I received within a short time after sending my Offering. With good faith I use the Oil as directed, and to my shocking disbelief within 30 days things started shaping up for me and today I earn a sizable income to maintain myself and family! I have lived in the UK for over 12 years with nothing to show for it and it was as if the world around me was crashing before getting your contact! Indeed, I really thank the Lord for His amazing power upon my life and I thank your ministry for all the good works for humanity. The Lord has not put me to shame and allow the devil to ridicule me, I’m forever thankful to the powerful Lord who changed my situation for good! Thank you great prophet of God and please enroll me as an everlasting partner to the Kingdom work.
- Isaac Jr. London, U.K. 

Dear  Daddy, if you remember I was the one who cried to you that I was being put to shame and worst ridicule on earth in the Church that I served as a minister (teacher of the Word of God), just because I mentioned Holy Mantles, Anointing Oil...in my teaching. The Pastor’s wife and other ministers could not understand and accused me that it was a wrongful teaching and these accusations escalated! As I cried to you, you immediately responded to my situation asking me to order Cleansing Fire Anointing Oil. I placed my order the second day you spoke with me which was received a few days later and I put it to use immediately as instructed. The fifth day of applying my Anointing Oil was on a Sunday morning before going to Church. To my greatest surprise, the Pastor’s wife who has been the chief architect of my accusations at all the time among my fellow ministers and the Church brethren collapsed and fell down violently on the Altar before the whole congregation while addressing the people as usual. Now prophet, the most ridiculing thing was when she started confessing openly and mentioning my name that I should forgive her of all her evil against me! She kept mentioning my name so violently as if she wanted to die and all the congregation were watching this ugly scenario as the Pastor and ministers prayed for her on the Altar! This was a scenario never to be forgotten in my life, and I became afraid that even anyone beside me could feel my pulse and breathing as we wrestle with the situation! The Pastor’s wife has since recovered and I’m happy that she has learnt never to accuse innocent persons! Daddy, you are truly a man of God sent by God because your GOD proved that I’m saying the truth in my teachings about Holy Mantles….! I can never forget, you’ve taught me power and I’m happy all days of my life! Glory be unto the Lord forever more.
- Paulina B., Cameroon

My Dear Prophet, to God be the glory, I just want to thank my God for what He has done in my life yesterday night; when I was praying last night with the Holy Mantles, I feel that something just disappeared in my body. In fact, what I experienced when I was praying yesterday was never before experienced in my life! I know this is the beginning of my liberation because I could feel the relief and the peace of God all over my body. I want to thank God for making me to know this web site "holyriches." And I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your encouragement. I believe that God has answered my prayers. I thank the Lord for my miracle. This is just the beginning of my testimony. Thanks.   
- Jennifer C., Spain 

Beloved Daddy, thank you for all the prayers. I have really enjoyed my time and gained tremendous spiritual empowerment connecting with your site and I would recommend Holyriches to my friends and everyone out there who needs the real anointing power for success and total victory! Your Holy Mantles and prayers worked for me to take my stagnation, fears, anxieties, pains and sickness away within a short time of knowing your ministry! Indeed, our God is a good God all the time. Knowing you is a great blessing to me and my family. My spiritual orientation has changed; my dreams have changed and I’m prospering in my business to God’s glory. I will forever be faithful to your ministry. Thank you man of God.
- Felix T., Malaysia

|Prophet, thank God Almighty for your anointing. I ordered the Holy Mantles as a pastor stagnated for many years in my ministry. Immediately after using the Holy Mantles, I begin to see the full manifestations of the power of God in my life and ministry. Not only that, the anointing also affected the brethren in a positive way financially and numerically. I promise to be faithful to your ministry as my spiritual father. May God continue to use you mightily for missionary upliftment.  I hope to invite you for our end of year revival soon.  
- Pastor Duke P.,   Spain

Shalom man of God! I am so excited to write this testimony. I spoke to you last year concerning my business which was at the brink of collapse. At first I was reluctant because of scams, but after much deliberations and assurance from you, I decided to order my Holy Mantles. After receiving the Holy Mantles, the first 21 days was as if nothing was happening and I became more devastated, but your continual intercessory build up my faith. To my surprise, in the second month I began to see results and major growth in my business. Presently my business is doing well and I’m planning to extend beyond my country. Halleluyah!
- Prudence K., Ghana 

Dear Daddy in the Lord, our ministry would like to thank you for our just concluded revival. It was a great pleasure to have an anointed man of God in our midst who revived our spirit in the word of God. Many testimonies followed and we begin to realize the need for anointing for miracles through undiluted word of God; financial miracles were unlocked, marriages restored, witchcraft powers destroyed and many souls saved to the glory of God Almighty. By the grace of God, we shall continue to work with you for spiritual direction and guidance. Continue interceding for us Daddy. Shalom!
-  Apostle David E., Uganda

Greetings man of God, I came across your website when I had a problem with my daughter who was at the University in the process of writing exams, and was attacked by witchcraft powers resulting in total loss of her memory. I visited you for prayers after visiting several places without any result. You gave us the word of God and prayed in that hopeless situation. Thank God my daughter is now completely healed and doing well at school.  
- Jane M., South Africa

Greetings in the name of Jesus, I came in contact with your website through Google search. I went through all the prophesies and testimonies pages to check authenticity and reputation of the ministry, and what I saw in the website propelled me to get in contact with you for solution to my relationship problems. You gave me some words of prophesy and instructions through your Holy Mantles.  Though at first I did not know what a Holy Mantles is all about because I have not heard about that before. When I obeyed the word of God and your instructions I met a partner whom God ordained for me and we are getting married in December 2013. Praise the Lord!
-  Florence I., Nigeria

Dear Daddy in the Lord, I thank God for coming across your website. Firstly, your books are inspiring books of power and anointing. I called you to intercede for me when I was receiving threat messages to kill me, and I was so afraid because my two friends were already killed by the alleged assassins. You interceded for me and I used the Holy Mantles for protection as directed. I really thank the Lord because no more treat to my life up till today. I promise to continue to support your ministry. Remain forever blessed.
-  Segun J., Lagos

Prophet, I really thank the Lord for my life. My sister directed me to your website a few weeks ago. I am a young man of 24 years old who loves to drink wine. I was narrowly snatched from the gate of death last month having being over-drunk with wine through some group of bad friends who wanted to ruin my life. Indeed, I slept unconsciously by the road side along a busy express road in the city for 24Hours where no one was to help! Your Prayers and  Holy Mantle for protection really work for me and I thank God for His mercy and grace over my life. Sir, I want  to move closer to God, please pray for me.  
-Douglas B., South Africa.

Prophet, it was by accident I came across your website. I  thank you for your prayers and the Holy Mantle. I am now completely healed from a terrible sickness of epilepsy which affected my life for more than 10 years! This sickness has done a terrible embarrassment to me and my entire family members for these long years, but I finally thank the Lord.  
- Bethuel MF., South Africa

Dear Sir, no doubt your prayers and the HolyMantles are very powerful! Truly the Lord sent you as a prophet of God! Our family got a new house from Government for free within few weeks of coming across your website! This is amazing and unbelievable! We have lived in our locality for decades and nothing happened, because out of ignorance, we dedicated our lives to the devil, and for a long time nothing happened and it seemed as if we have been forsaken with too much problems of life to grapple with and much debts, until God directed me to your website through a friend where I obtained the HolyMantles and the special Prayers. Unbelievably, we used the HolyMantles and the special Prayers for just only few days before things started changing for better for my family. The ‘pot of evil’ alongside many other negative mystical charms ignorantly obtained have been destroyed, and my father was suddenly healed from chronic rheumatism which knocked him down for several months and of which we have paid large sums of money to the hospitals without results! As I am writing this Testimonies, I recently got a new well paying job and also my senior brother received new job! We are thankful to the Lord.  
- Tahir D., Namibia 

Good day Prophet, I came across your website while on the net some
 weeks ago. I read through the website and became interested in the 
Anointing power through the HolyMantles! Today, I thank the Lord Jesus because our lost car keys have been found. My husband and I just bought new cars to the glory of the Lord! Truly you are a man of God with much anointing praying for our breakthroughs and I repeat that you are a true man of God! We are moving from tears to happiness in just a short time of less than three weeks of obtaining your HolyMantles which we ordered by faith. We really thank God for your prayers and once again, thank you Prophet and Praise the Lord!  

- Brenda S., South Africa

Prophet, Miraculous birth of our baby girl! I received my HolyMantle a few days before my wife was admitted in the hospital to deliver the baby, but on the second day while in the hospital, the doctor announced to us of some complications in the womb preventing the baby from coming out and which triggered difficulty in breathing of both the mother and the child, consequent upon which my wife had to be placed on the emergency operating table to be operated. It was amazing that immediately after your short prayer with me on the phone assuring us that the Lord is with us, all the complications cleared off and my wife delivered the baby safely without any operation! The doctors and the nurses were all amazed at this, and everyone was amazed! Truly, God is powerful and works through the prophets and those that believe! We are very happy and grateful to the Lord for saving my wife and our baby girl!  
- Jerry GW., New Zealand 

Prophet, we thank the Almighty God, happiness has since been restored back into our home after a long battle dwell between me and my husband. I regretted for not knowing your ministry before this time. We really thank the Lord for your Mantles Holy power which worked the miracles in our lives. Glory be unto the Lord. 
- Rose P., Spain

|Prophet, the land matter was mysteriously resolved! The court order was in our favour to the Glory of God! No doubt, your HolyMantles are working! We have been in this case for over 15 years and e have gone to places searching for power without solution, only just draining our finances. Your website was given to me by my son-in-law. Praise the Lord! 
- Maloba D., Kenya

Dear Daddy in the Lord, the bad dreams that I used to have, all have gone away and my sickness over! I have resumed my work with sound health, the devil is a liar! Thank you for your HolyMantles and prayers. This month I hope to order many more Mantles.  
- Anna P., Israel

Dear Prophet, not quite long ago, I came into contact with your website as I was browsing in my private room. Immediately, something agitated within my spirit and I fell on my knees and prayed,"God, help me now! I don't want to live like this". Later, I browsed the pages of your website where I read about the Holy Mantle for Good Luck and Quick Success which I ordered immediately. I received the Holy Mantle and quickly applied good faith in using it. Sir, Apart from unending financial favors that I received within few days, I have also secured a very good job that can sustain me and my family. I thank God Almighty for the grace in discovering your site. Please expect more orders from me and donations. God Bless..
- Henry Chapman,  Texas, USA 

Dear Sir, the Holy Mantle you sent to me was kept inside my Hand bag which I take to my office everyday. Now Daddy, everyone must hear this testimony because for the first time of my life, I was shocked and amazed to the marrow of my bones! Sudden fire broke out during official hour while at work on the second floor of our three-storey main Office building, smoke enveloped every place and we had to quickly run out for safety! While in a hurry, I forgot to carry my Hand bag (which also contains my small Purse) from my table. Alas! it was unbelievable to me that my Hand bag  did not burn! Every other thing in my office got burnt into ashes, including my own table and chair, and it was amazing picking my Hand bag from the middle of the aches! No scratches, no dents, no burning effect! Everyone was amazed and shocked! Some amount of money was inside my Purse and other valuable things and none got burnt inside the heavy fire and smoke! What magic or mystery is this! Sir, till today of sending you this email, I'm still looking very scared and afraid! I have this to say, "the Holy Mantle Power for Protection from Sudden Death and Escape from All Accidental event is REAL"! Your Holy Mantle Power Has brought me closer to God, because I know very clearly now that there is MYSTERIOUS POWER! Glory be unto the Lord.    
-   Lydia Dunn,  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Beloved Pastor Kuforiji, Greetings to you this day of the Lord. Each morning before going out to work, I use to pray with my Mantle Power which you sent to me. I am a Doctor working in an hospital here in Quebec. I notice the rate at which patients get healed through me is high. I have become a Doctor so much envied by others in this hospital station! What a wonderful heavenly anointing power! Thank you again and again, I love your ministry.  
- Garvin Ryerson, Quebec, Canada

Pastor, through your site, I obtained the Holy Mantle for health and I applied faith in it. Now,I have a curvier, more glamorous body without dangerous drugs, without exercises, without unpleasant drug experiences and nightmares! This is a real mystery!! - Rhonda Corbin, Oklahoma, USA.   
- Rhonda Corbin, Oklahoma, U.S.A. 

"Sir,I must tell you this testimony because the name of the Lord must be glorified on this earth! For about seven years now, every month, at least one of my children or more must fall sick. As I was searching out for spiritual power, I slumped into your website, and I got fascinated when I got to the portion where the various Holy Mantles were listed for use. Without hesitation, I quickly ordered for the Holy Power Mantle for Healing and for Protection from Sudden death which I received and applied faith in using. To everyone's amazement in my home, no one got sick again starting from the very same month I put the Holy Mantle into use! God is Great, God is real! Sir, I am already making plans to invite you to come and preach the word of God in my church here in Houston, Texas and anoint the people! Truly, without any doubt, the Lord is using you. The Lord be Glorified forever!"  
- Nancy, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Dear Pastor, My name is Clement, I am a young man with many failures and disappointments in life. I filed a Contract Paper with a company of which I have lost every hope of coming to reality againafter about 18 months! A friend now directed me to your website and what I saw amazed me! Though I have come across similar thing like that before, which I did not belief, but this one, I summoned the courage, and reluctantly ordered for the Success Mantle, which I applied immediately as directed. Exactly seven days later after I began to use this Holy Mantle, I received a call to come immediately for mobilization fee which was given to me to start work! Now, the most amazing thing of it all was the 20% Contract Review Projection added to the Original Contract cost to compensate for the time lost! This made me to be very buoyant and rich with high Profit margins after the contract. Sir, as promised, my Donations and Offerings will surely come to your Ministry without fail. The Lord Has done it; all is well with me. I give thanks to my God Who opened the Book of Remembrance to me". 
- Clement, Monrovia, Liberia

Pastor, my life has been one characterized with much failures, fear and anxiety in almost all areas of life, and it got to a point I lost every hope about life! But while on the net one day with a friend of mine, I came across  your website, and I became deeply moved by the spirit within me that this is my chance to succeed. I then quickly ordered for the Holy Power for  Breakthrough/Business To Boom. A few days later after putting it into operation, a new idea came to me which I quickly adopted for my on-going business. Today Pastor, the testimony is an unending and unbelievable success story of a great success in my life! My life has since been transformed by God's Great Power! I am thankful and grateful to the Lord".
- Simeon, Abuja, Nigeria 

Sir, I was excited discovering this wonderful site! I was particularly infatuated by the orderliness and systematic organization of things. Glory is unto GOD ALMIGHTY for using an organization like this in our world of today for the people. No doubt, the SPIRIT OF THE LORD is moving here! Please keep it up! JESUS IS LORD!   
- Williams, Minnesota, USA

Hello Sir, When I first discovered this website, I did not believe in it because of scam! But on getting closer to the contents again and again, I became soft in my heart and decided to give it a trial by ordering for an Holy power, which really made the change in my life, as I am now happier than ever before with sufficient income to live on! Glory be to God!
- Johnson, Germany

Sir, your programmes have transformed my life! Today my dream has been accomplished; I am a Ghanaian, but now, I reside in Germany where I earn high income!   
- Boampang Essien, Accra, Ghana 

Daddy, may be you will still remember, I came to you in the year 2008, and I complained of lack of promotion for many years, and you prayed for me and anointed me with power. I also collected the Success and Promotion Mantles altogether. My success story is that, that same year, my greatness came in life! I was promoted as one of the Directors in our organization. Sir, I will forever live to be thankful to the Lord. May the Good God continue using you to fulfil the gap of His children on earth. Please, advise me, which area can I help the Ministry? Your son,