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No-Refund Policy
This is a spiritual, non-profit missionary site. Any form of fees collected from any member, partner or anyone for any service or item or anything whatsoever are considered as donations to this missionary project and there shall be no refund whatsoever. This is because when we receive such funds, we apply it for missionary use immediately including donations to the poor, printing, orphanage homes and other missionaries in need. All items given out - Spiritual Books, Anointing Oils, Holy Mantles and other sanctified items are for the purpose of spiritual anointing impartation to convey the anointing power of God to the users who believe in the power of God for solution to problems.

No Discriminations
This is a non-discrimination site open to all people. The Almighty God the Father created Heaven and the beautiful Earth for the sons of men to enjoy to His glory.  There is abundant joy in knowing God through anointing power of the Holy Spirit. There is grace and mercy from above for everyone and the blessings of God are for ALL His Children on earth regardless of ethnic background, color, sex or religion attainable through God-given wisdom, Knowledge about the TRUTH, correct application of the gift of nature and FAITH.

Confidential Information
As a member, or partner you agree that all Spiritual information, including Consecrated Items and Products supplied to you by HOLYRICHES.ORG during the tenure of your membership or partnership are extremely confidential, even after you have discontinued your membership.

Information about Children
Our website is not intended to be used by children under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 18 except in compliance with applicable law. We do not accept any liability if guardians or parents give out our information and items to their children.

Violation of our Rights
This organization HOLYRICHES.ORG reserves the right to take any action against any erring member or partner including their agents whether individual or collective entity who violates our rights, our terms and policies.

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