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- Effective Spiritual Answers to All Problems of Life!!!

Are you desirous of permanent solution to your problems? You can receive the Anointing power of God for solution to problems of life right now. Like thousands of brethren who have been blessed, powerful intercessory will also work for you, no matter how hard the affliction of life facing you!
From this day you can begin to protect yourself from the clutches of evil barriers and stagnation, evil spirits molestations, wicked satanic attacks and arrows, black magic, curses and other woes which the strongholds and principalities have imposed upon your life and destiny. These impossibilities in your life which could not be solved in the past are now possible through the mighty power of God if you believe.

FIRE PROPHETIC VOICE: Often times, the problems troubling your life may be a simple Prophetic Instructions to carry out according to the directive of the Holy Spirit through the anointed prophet of God. Prophet Elijah-Stanley can also give you accurate divine prophetic instructions to carry out wherever you are for God's quick amazing power manifestations and blessings upon your life. Fire Prophetic words to deliver and bless come from God through His ordained prophets from generation to generation to His glory!!!
REJECTING WHAT YOU SEE IN THIS WEBSITE IS REJECTING THE BLESSINGS OF GOD UPON YOUR LIFE! Your blessings may be very close to you, but the Devil is a dangerous serpent...! I pray that may you see clearly from this Day of the Lord in Jesus Mighty Name.
Some Biblical Examples:

2Kings 5: 1-14, you will see how a leper named Naaman, a great man and also an army general suffered the disgraceful afflictions and how he was healed at Prophet Elisha’s command to go and wash in river Jordan seven times!
2King 2: 19-22, you will see where the people of Jericho at a certain time and season complained to Prophet Elisha that “the water is bad, and the ground barren”. Elisha the Prophet sent by God to deliver the people then asked them to bring a NEW JAR and to put SALT in it which they obeyed. After, then Elisha with Anointing Power of the Lord as ordained now went to cast the Salt into the waters, and the Lord healed the waters at the word of Elisha, and there were no more death or barren land at Jericho! Bible says the waters were healed unto this day at the saying of Elisha which he spoke! 
John 9:6-7, Our Lord Jesus Christ apart from the spoken word, also healed with Clay from the ground and commanded the oppressed to wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam!
Luke 7:1-10, The Centurion man of faith who demanded only words from the Lord Jesus, and on hearing Jesus' words went back home and found his servant completely healed!

You can receive Permanent Solution to the following Problems:-

-  Bad Dreams and Nightmares  
-  Sickness and other forms of Afflictions
-  Evil Spirits Manifestations
-  Madness, Spiritual Attacks, Curses etc.
-  Poverty, Money Squandering Spirit, Business Failures,
Debts and Financial Woes
-  Fear, Grief, Sorrow from the heart
-  Dangerous Enemies at Home and at Work: Envy, 
Hatred, Evil Arrows etc.
-  Destroy Your Known And Unknown Enemies/Send Arrow or Evil Back To Sender: The Vengeance of God Over your Unrepentant  Enemies and Strongholds. (2 Thessalonians 1:6 Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you)
-  Fortify yourself spiritually against deadly enemies and destroyers of your life
-  The Battle of the Delay in Promotion at Work
-  Unfulfilled Dreams and Ambition
-  Frustration resulting from unanswered prayers
-  Relationship/Family problems
-  Marriage & Divorce Issues
-  Health problems
-  Loneliness/Tiredness/Frustration/Setbacks/Poverty/Oppression
-  Impotency
-  Barrenness
-  Failure in undertakings
-  Pregnancy Problems, Miscarriage, etc.
-  Frustration & Delay in Breakthrough
-  Generational Family Problem
-  Dull Memory or Memory Loss
-  Depression/Fear/Stress/Worry/Hate/Pain/Resentment/Failure/Bad Habits/Addictions/Negativity and all unwanted effects
-  Court Case: Legal Battles
-  Protection of yourself, Homes and Properties
-  The Battle of Delay in Marriage and for a Godly Spouse
-  The Battle of Loneliness; Rejection and Condemnation
-  The Battle of Academic Failures: Memory Attack and
other Satanic Manipulations 
-  The Battle of Unemployment
-  The Battle of Robbery Attack and Wastage of Fortunes
-  The Battle of Premature Death in the family 
-  The Battle of Stagnation of your Missionary Calling (for Servants of God)


Prophet Stanley Kuforiji conducts Gospel Revival programmes and Prophetic Impartations for Churches, with the resultant positive effect of stimulating the brethren and growing of the Churches. The anointing will uplift your Church and also pull crowd to your Church. If you would like to invite the man of God to come to your Church for the Gospel Revival programme or Prophetic Impartation, please book an appointment now to enable us work out the modalities and also plan the Dates that suits your Church for the Revival programme or Prophetic Impartation. Your Church shall have supernatural movement of God's power and God shall take all the glory in Jesus Mighty Name. You may also wish to talk to him directly through his contact phone: Prophet Stanley Kuforiji:  +27 78 935 5365


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Divine Spiritual Service for All:

For those who are far away; You need not to be here physically with me in South Africa, most problems can be worked on without your presence through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The world is a battle field, and the target of the devil is the destiny of man. I admonish you to come out of darkness today and remain in the Light of God the Creator. Through this site your life can be what God ordained it to be and the hour is now!

Right here, right now, you have the opportunity to link up and meet with your ordained Prophet. It is not by accident you locate this site; God ordains it!

Through the mighty power of the Almighty God to whom all the glory belong, I have brought joy, happiness, healing, prosperity, fulfillment, support, protection and justice to many people. The Lord God Almighty is glorified in the Highest.

Life Is All About Destiny, Discover Yours:

Through this ministry you can be helped by the power of the Lord God Almighty, whatever be the problem. All over world, a lot of people have obtained help from God through the right ordained Prophet of God.
Evaluate your life right now. If there exists a problem, then call me or email me as you’re reading this message.

Phone +2778 935 5365

Send Email to: kingdompartners@holyriches.org

Service Charge?

On this site there is no service charge. Nothing is charged to receive the anointing of God for Good Things of life. This service is Divine and God-given. I hence do not have to charge.


If you are blessed and receive a miracle and feel so moved as a Child of God, then you can make a free-will donation to intensify the work of God. In this way when you do this faithfully with genuine heart, then your blessings shall be permanent with abundant joy and peace on earth. God is forever glorified in Jesus name.

Whatever the spiritual messages that you find on this site have been sanctified and the Lord shall bless you as you make use of them for your good.

This Day, I lift you up with the hands of fire in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Remain blessed forever and ever more. AMEN!
- Prophet Dr. (ELIJAH) Stanley Kuforiji

ANOINTING is the outflow of the Holy Spirit through the Anointed servant or prophet of the Lord.

By CONDUCTION, you can be anointed by the prophet directly through physical contact.
By CONVENTION, you can be anointed through the HOLYMANTLES and the special ANOINTING OIL which come from the hand of the prophet. Through our website, HOLYMANTLES and ANOINTING OILS are sent out worldwide to those who cannot make personal contact with the prophet.
Biblical Examples:
The Rod of Moses as Holy Mantle, through which many miracles were performed in the Book of Exodus, in the land of Egypt before Pharaoh, and in the journey of the Israelites in the wilderness. Exodus Chapters 7 to 17. Also, read about the Holy Spirit power impartation upon Prophet Moses in
Exodus Chapter 4.

Other Examples are: The Mantle anointing power of Elijah unto Elisha: Elisha used the Mantle that fell from Elijah to part River Jordan: after he had struck the water with the Mantle, the water parted and Elisha went over. 2King2:13-14.

The Bronze Serpent
 as a Mantle on the pole which healed the Israelites in the wilderness. 
Numbers 21:4-9.

David took his Staff in his hand along with five smooth Stones, and killed Goliath with just a Stone!
1Sam 17:40-49.

Samson took a Jaw Bone of a Donkey and slew a thousand Philistines.
Judges 15:15-16.

God did a special miracles by the hands of Paul, and he used Handkerchiefs and Aprons to heal the sick and send out evil spirits from the oppressed. 

Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour apart from the spoken word , also healed with Clay from the ground and commanded the oppressed to wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam. 
John 9:6-7.

Another thing that the Lord can use to impart you with Anointing power through the prophet is Oil: The Lord spoke to Moses and said, "And you shall speak unto the children of Israel saying, this shall be a HOLY ANOINTING OIL unto me through out your generations." Exodus 30:31.
Also read James 5:14.

Whereby it is necessary after spiritual inquiry to your problem, the prophet will send you Holy Mantle and the special Anointing Oil for your specific needs.
Note that for effective solution and maximum blessings of God to your problem, you must be genuinely born-again with the right mind.

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