Revelations For Today

This is the day of glory and power!

I Decree that today is the day of your victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
I Decree that today is the day of your joy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
I Decree that today is the day of your success and lasting breakthroughs in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
This is the day that the Lord has made, and you shall hold your peace and have overwhelming blessings!
The Lord God Almighty spoke to me that HE shall bless millions souls this 2017 glorious season! Individual persons who are connected by faith shall be blessed and nothing shall stop their blessings. Will you be among? If you doubt or frown at my comments that you see here, count yourself out! All prophetic declarations here shall FULLY fulfill their course to the glory of God. The Lord has spoken His Word!
By a prophet the Lord brought Israel up from Egypt, and by a prophet the Lord established them. (Hosea 12:13). The one who receives a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet's reward…. (Matthew 10:41)
Prophetic utterances and visions reveal a person’s purpose and destiny that was carefully created and designed by God. This is declared by His prophet who brings forth God’s message unto the believers’ ears.
As I welcome you to this site, let me ask you again; do you have the corresponding faith required in the above declarations to receive your blessings from God today and NOW?
Hebrews chapter 11 declared that, faith is seeing beyond what is seen. It is having hope that God can work through the present circumstance, even if it seems utterly bad and extremely impossible. 
Your Trials and Woes! Without great trials and woes, we would not have great victories. The Lord delights in revealing Himself in the difficulties of life as our Deliverer, our Sufficiency, and our LORD.
This Revelation has been brought to you through the Holy Spirit, receive it in good spirit. 
Blessings of God for the multitude! This season of the Lord, I see heaven open and the Lord commands a blessing upon those whose lives and destinies are in precarious condition and seem utterly impossible to rise!  A.M.E.N!!! And in JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY NAME, A.M.E.N and A.M.E.N!!!
Dynamite Faith – the Key! Dynamite faith always operates through the prophet. The prophet needs to trust God’s Word totally. In order to declare God’s message, the prophet needs to be the first one to believe in it. It will be difficult for the prophet to proclaim something he does not believe in. So, much the same way, corresponding faith is required on the part of the believer to move the mountain and receive God’s promised blessings. Without (dynamite) faith, you will not receive the prophetic destiny that was beautifully created for you. Trust in God and His prophet and make good use of this site to reshape your destiny once and for all!