Spiritual Keys To Abundance And Success

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Spiritual Keys To Abundance And Success

Code : ISBN: 978-0-620-51529-0

Sylvia Kuforiji

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God did not create you to be an on-looker or a spectator! He is the creator of man and He has pre-ordained and planned for you to run the race of life to the successful end; finding and following your course of destiny to a life of significance and fulfillment. You may not know what your calling is, but God has planned your destiny (Jeremiah 1:5) and He will help you discover it, pursue it and fulfill it through His amazing grace which He has given to each man on earth. Pastor Sylvia offers God-given principles you can apply in your own life to help you identify your calling and begin to live and shine in the plane that God wants you to be as ordained for you. This book has been written to deepen your faith and build the endurance you need to finish the race as a child of God. This book has both passion and insight – the Keys that will guide all who read it towards their God-given destiny. The simple and profound chapters in this great book of knowledge have changed the lives of thousands around the world, and will also work for you; to impart you with the mentality to becoming a world changer like others.

About the Author

Pastor Sylvia Kuforiji is a minister of God as ordained to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the word of God and Holy Spirit inspiration. Pastor Sylvia Kuforiji is a dynamic minister of God with the spiritual gifts of imparting other people’s lives for good.  She is a counselor who has put smiles into the lives of many people far and near. Pastor Sylvia has a calling to change destinies of people and offers principles you can apply to your life to achieve success and fulfill your goal like herself. She is a woman of faith that is irrevocably committed to fulfilling the call of God in her life. Her entire life and ministry has been centered completely on the Word of God and building of human destinies. She is currently a Pastor with The Lamp of Jerusalem Deliverance Ministries and she has written, published and distributed many tracts, books, sermons and bulletins bordering on destiny and also to save the lost souls in this end-time missionary movement. Pastors Sylvia Kuforiji is married with children.