Fire In The Tongue

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Fire In The Tongue

Code : ISBN: 978-0-620-51527-6

Sylvia Kuforiji

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Book pages:  62
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Use It Well

Through the centuries the tongues have caused devastating catastrophes to human lives. This special book will be a source of inspiration and divine knowledge to countless men and women who want to make good use of their tongues to affect the lives of others positively and the resultant benefits and comforts to oneself.
The moment you rise to speak, you should guide what you say out because you might hurt someone out there and endanger your own life too! Ask God for wisdom to make good use of your tongue to put joy in the lives of the hearers; neighbors, friends, community and society. The speech from your tongue becomes valuable only when it carries the wisdom of God and brings peace and joy to the people around you. Little wonder when the Bible says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” Proverbs 18:21. The next time you’ll talk, let the words from your tongue be authentic, humorous and passionate and you’ll win the love and admiration of others and you’ll both be a respectable talker and speaker.

About the Author

Pastor Sylvia Kuforiji is a minister of God as ordained to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the word of God and Holy Spirit inspiration. Pastor Sylvia Kuforiji is a dynamic minister of God with the spiritual gifts of imparting other people’s lives for good.  She is a counselor who has put smiles into the lives of many people far and near. Pastor Sylvia has a calling to change destinies of people and offers principles you can apply to your life to achieve success and fulfill your goal like herself. She is a woman of faith that is irrevocably committed to fulfilling the call of God in her life. Her entire life and ministry has been centered completely on the Word of God and building of human destinies. She is currently a Pastor with The Lamp of Jerusalem Deliverance Ministries and she has written, published and distributed many tracts, books, sermons and bulletins bordering on destiny and also to save the lost souls in this end-time missionary movement. Pastors Sylvia Kuforiji is married with children.