Life Is All A Test

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Life Is All A Test

Code : ISBN: 978-0-620-51528-3

Sylvia Kuforiji

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Life is a big test from God. The journey of life begins when we are born. The minute we are born we begin to face various tests and trials. We cannot avoid it. This journey of tests and trials ends when we die. Some face trials while they are still in their mother’s womb.  The trial begins when they are rejected while still in the womb. We can not see progress without facing these life tests.  The author has written this book with a view to exposing the reader to various types of tests and trials faced in the journey of life here on earth. It explains why God allows us to go through certain trials and tests. Practical and interesting examples of men and women of the Bible who went through various tests in life are given. Reasons why some people pass the tests and why others fail the tests are also given. In life some pass the test and some fail. God tested Abraham by asking him to offer his son Isaac. God tested Jacob when he had to work extra years to earn Rachel as his wife. Adam and Eve failed their test in the Garden of Eden, and David failed a test from God on several occasions. But the Bible also gives us many examples of people who passed great tests, such as Joseph, Ruth, Esther, and Daniel. The practical examples given in this book are weapons to remember and use when we go through the testing moment of life be it patience test, time test, obedience test, character test, sickness test, faith test, love test, integrity test,  loyalty test, temptations test,  disappointment test, and various other tests. You will be tested by major changes, by delayed promises, by problems that seem impossible humanly speaking, prayers that seem unanswered, undeserved criticism, and even senseless tragedies. In my own life I have noticed that God tested my faith through many problems of life which I overcame. Life is a struggle and a challenge. Life is a test whether we are prepared or unprepared for the challenge.  The simple and profound chapters in this great book of knowledge have changed the lives of thousands around the world who wanted to overcome life tests, and will also work for you; to attain your life goals on earth.

About the Author

Pastor Sylvia Kuforiji is a minister of God as ordained to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the word of God and Holy Spirit inspiration. Pastor Sylvia Kuforiji is a dynamic minister of God with the spiritual gifts of imparting other people’s lives for good.  She is a counselor who has put smiles into the lives of many people far and near. Pastor Sylvia has a calling to change destinies of people and offers principles you can apply to your life to achieve success and fulfill your goal like herself. She is a woman of faith that is irrevocably committed to fulfilling the call of God in her life. Her entire life and ministry has been centered completely on the Word of God and building of human destinies. She is currently a Pastor with The Lamp of Jerusalem Deliverance Ministries and she has written, published and distributed many tracts, books, sermons and bulletins bordering on destiny and also to save the lost souls in this end-time missionary movement. Pastors Sylvia Kuforiji is married with children.