The Book of the Holy Cross, Biblical Holy Mantles And Anointing

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The Book of the Holy Cross, Biblical Holy Mantles And Anointing

Code : ISBN: 978-0-9921880-7-8

Prophet Stanley Kuforiji

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The Book of the Holy Cross, Biblical Holy Mantles And Anointing
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In today’s emerging spiritual reality, Dr. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji, PhD; D.D., exposes the truth about the Holy Cross, Holy Mantles and Anointing. Using a non-denominational approach, Dr. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji has captured and simplified these difficult spiritual subjects and made it easy for your grasping. The Cross is a reality of God’s amazing power. Philosophers the world over criticize and question the authenticity of the cross, but the message of the cross is a real event in mankind history and eternity. There is no explanation or argument about it other than it is real and true and the most important event in history. When we stop placing the cross at the tip of our hearts and at the centre of our message, we loose spiritual focus and our faith loses its meaning and we end up in bondage to traditions, regulations, and laws that are diabolical, unethical and impossible to obey. The Eternal Heavenly Supernatural power is brought down unto us through Jesus and the Cross. This generation is looking for power in all the wrong places because it has not received the revelation of the Cross. On the Cross, Jesus loosened the supernatural grace of God to mankind. Anointing is the outflow of the Holy Spirit of the Lord to the people. Another term often used instead of anointing is the word ‘mantle’. The Holy Mantles convey the anointing power of God unto our lives. Jesus died on the cross to release the power of God unto our lives to overcome the world. The mantle or anointing through the cross is our covering or protection while we dwell on earth; it is our emblem of power - our seal to overcome the world.

This book, 'THE BOOK OF THE HOLY CROSS, BIBLICAL HOLY MANTLES AND ANOINTING' also gives an insightful knowledge about Holy Mantles and Anointing. God Almighty can use anything to convey His power to us. He is the Creator of all things and can do as He pleases. He is the Sovereign God of the Universe. In this book, you’ll see how the Holy Cross itself is a Mantle that conveys God’s supernatural Anointing power to us. Moses used his staff to liberate the Israelites from Pharaoh’s hand at the Lord’s command, David used smooth stones to kill the Philistine giant – Goliath, The cloak of Elijah fell on Elisha as mantle of power, Jesus Christ also healed the eyes with the mud of the ground, Paul wrought miracles with face-cloth or aprons etc. To break down high-level strongholds in this Last Days as a child of God, you must first have sound knowledge about Cross message, Holy Mantles and Anointing. The Church of God on earth needs power to stand, the missionary outreaches need power to achieve the goals set as ordained, the servants of the Lord and brethren through out the world need anointing power to stand out and win daily life battles. Anointing is needed by every one to be blessed and to carry out the works of the Lord as commissioned on earth.

About the Author

Prophet Stanley Kuforiji is a renowned author who has published dozens of thought provoking life changing books that connect truth to your real needs and challenges in today’s turbulent world. If you are looking for highly inspirational and authentic spiritual books written and produced from a scintillating pure Biblical perspective, then check out from his extensive works of unrivalled book titles. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji’s ultimate ambition is to see the children of God enjoy fully God’s blessings on earth. He has multi-dimensional experience and training in the missionary field and has Doctorate degrees both in Theology and Divinity. He founded THE LAMP OF JERUSALEM DELIVERANCE MINISTRY and the THE KINGDOM PARTNERS (KP) worldwide. He is a mentor to many and has raised great Ministers of God in the world. Anointed by God, Prophet Stanley is a Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist and Preacher of the Word. His life is full of living testimonies to the glory of God. Because of his high mentoring capability and sharp prophetic calling, his followers call him 'The Great Ambassador of Christ'. He has helped in pioneering so many Churches through his Deliverance Ministry. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji is married with children.