Moses' Black Book of Power - At the Lord's Command!

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Moses' Black Book of Power - At the Lord's Command!

Code : ISBN: 978-0-9921880-6-1

Prophet Stanley Kuforiji

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Moses Black Book of Power - At the Lord s Command!

- Power to the Prophets and the People of the Last Days!

In the Bible account of the Book of Exodus the Lord sent Moses to liberate the Israelites who had been under captivity for over 400 years. God wrought overwhelming frightening miracles, signs and wonders through the hands of His servant Moses, so that Pharaoh could let His people go. These were the dark days of Egypt under Pharaoh who was bombarded with devastating plagues at the Lord’s command. In this heartbreaking event of history, God Almighty again demonstrated His full power as the Sovereign Lord over the earth and heaven in an overwhelming demonstration of power and glory! Though many books have been written in the world by philosophers and spiritualists about Moses with different ideologies, but in this special book of knowledge and power you are about to read the exact account of the most amazing and profound revelations about prophet Moses and his God-given power which has appeared for thousands of years of human history - so significant that they are changing the course of our destiny and rocking scientific and religious circles to the core till today. Aside from Jesus Christ, Moses was the greatest prophet ever made on earth, who had direct encounter with God Himself several times according to the Bible account! At the Lord’s command Moses wrought frightening miracles in the land of Egypt, and also at the time of leading the Israelites through the wilderness as recorded in the Holy Bible. I have written this book through inspirations and directives of the Holy Spirit for the humble messengers of God who are called like Moses. This exhilarating spiritual exposition about the secret power of Moses as presented in this greatest book of our time, titled, 'MOSES’ BLACK BOOK OF POWER' is a must read for all brethren yearning for spiritual power acquirement to stand out in a turbulent world.

About the Author

Prophet Stanley Kuforiji has written this book out of his passion to impact peoples’ lives positively, and also with the ultimate ambition to see the children of God enjoy fully God’s blessings on earth. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji has multi-dimensional experience and training in the missionary field. He has Doctorate degrees both in Theology and Divinity. He founded THE LAMP OF JERUSALEM DELIVERANCE MINISTRY in the early nineties. A Missionary Organization that is actively involved in mission development and integration. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji is a mentor to many, and he has raised great Ministers of God in the world. Anointed by God, Prophet Stanley is a Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist and Preacher of the Word. His life is full of living testimonies to the glory of God. He is loved and admired by his followers because of his high mentoring capability and sharp prophetic calling and they call him 'The Great Ambassador of Christ'. He has helped in pioneering so many Churches through his Deliverance Ministry. He is also the founder and General Overseer of THE KINGDOM PARTNERS (KP) worldwide, to further carry out the good work of this mission as ordained. THE KINGDOM PARTNERS is the body mandated to carry out the organization's missionary projects including intensive Overseas Missionary and Deliverance Crusades at all the territories of the world. The Kingdom Partners are all blessed children of GOD. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji is married with children.