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Prophet Stanley Kuforiji

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This book opens up our eyes to the present global gospel catastrophes and to be aware of the End-time Church disasters among which include the multi-various forms of the new-age Christianity initiations, secret oaths, soul ties, demons, brethren hypnotism, satanic confessions, oppressions, afflictions, woes and hell!

Water Spirit ministration has now metamorphosed into a full-blown strong cankerworm that has eaten deep into our gospel life and outreaches. In this current trend world-changing gospel, there are lots to be worried about man-braided philosophies and heresies presently rocking the different arms of the missionary, including their woes to the unsuspecting innocent brethren world. Caught in this web of evil are the many Christians who can no longer wait upon the Lord, and craving for alternative short-cut methods of miracles in their lives. All these profanity and impiety are the major impediment of the end-time Christ’ Kingdom movement. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji has been empowered by the Holy Spirit through direct revelation to write this complete book of exposition of the Water Darkness kingdom of our time and their catastrophes on the surface of the earth, with a view to alerting the new generation missionary movement and the brethren of the inherent danger of Water spirit influence, and of neglecting the True Salvation Doctrine of Christ the Savior.

Without any doubt, this is an important book to use in the ministry and can be helpful in rescuing the brethren as well as those who are already victims of diabolical doctrines. The battle for your soul is nothing to be taken light about, and right now you can be rescued out of the dark world! This book is a must read for all if we are to be saved from the devil’s crafted mundane doctrines now!

About the Author

Prophet Stanley Kuforiji is a renowned author who has published dozens of thought provoking life changing books that connect truth to your real needs and challenges in today’s turbulent world. If you are looking for highly inspirational and authentic spiritual books written and produced from a scintillating pure Biblical perspective, then check out from his extensive works of unrivalled book titles. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji’s ultimate ambition is to see the children of God enjoy fully God’s blessings on earth. He has multi-dimensional experience and training in the missionary field and has Doctorate degrees both in Theology and Divinity. He founded THE LAMP OF JERUSALEM DELIVERANCE MINISTRY and the THE KINGDOM PARTNERS (KP) worldwide. He is a mentor to many and has raised great Ministers of God in the world. Anointed by God, Prophet Stanley is a Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist and Preacher of the Word. His life is full of living testimonies to the glory of God. Because of his high mentoring capability and sharp prophetic calling, his followers call him 'The Great Ambassador of Christ'. He has helped in pioneering so many Churches through his Deliverance Ministry. Prophet Stanley Kuforiji is married with children.