Power for Pastors


It is also the vision of this ministry to impart Pastors and ministers of God with Anointing Power to enable them fulfill their missionary callings at an early time as ordained for them by the Lord. We are in a spiritual battle field and failure to receive the right Anointing Power at the right time will result in long frustrating delays which many servants of God face today. Interested servants of God from any territory of the world are invited to let us know their problems by sending an email with detailed information about their calling and missionary. By the grace of God through the Holy Spirit they will receive the Holy Mantle power that will pave way for progress and fulfillment of their missionary goals.

When you receive the Holy Mantles for direct anointing power impartation as a servant of God, you will be able to achieve the following by the mighty power of the Lord Most High as ordained for you:

  1. Crowd pulling through direct Anointing power of the Holy Spirit
  2. Sharp and accurate prophesies about the past, present and future of a thing or of a person.
  3. Instant deliverance and freedom of possessed persons under your ministration and revival.
  4. Healing the sick of all kinds and fruit of the womb, etc.
  5. Preaching and teaching with the influence, unction and anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Power and authority in your mouth and words.
  7. Power to see very clear sharp Visions and Prophesy to the glory of God the Father.
  8. Total Spiritual Security for the Servant of the Lord, his family, his ministry and properties.
  9. High Anointing power and overall fulfillment of your Calling as a servant of the Lord
  10. Anointing power of the Lord as a Servant of God to travel to many lands or countries to propagate the missionary of Jesus Christ as ordained by God.

Servants of God who are truly called can receive Super Anointing power for calling fulfillment.
Send Email:    kingdompartners@holyriches.org
+27 78 935 5365


Prophet Stanley Kuforiji conducts Gospel Revival programmes and Prophetic Impartations for Churches, with the resultant positive effect of stimulating the brethren and growing of the Churches. The anointing will uplift your Church and also pull crowd to your Church. If you would like to invite the man of God to come to your Church for the Gospel Revival programme or Prophetic Impartation, please book an appointment now to enable us work out the modalities and also plan the Dates that suits your Church for the Revival programme or Prophetic Impartation. Your Church shall have supernatural movement of God's power and God shall take all the glory in Jesus Mighty Name. You may also wish to talk to him directly through his contact phone: Prophet Stanley Kuforiji:  +27 78 935 5365