Holy Mantles

 Holy Mantles convey the anointing of God upon your life to solve your problems and to receive the

blessings of the Lord as ordained for your life.
Holy Mantles are given in the following areas and many more:-
-  Bad Dreams and Nightmares  
-  Sickness and other forms of Afflictions
-  Evil Spirits Manifestations
-  Madness, Spiritual Attacks, Curses etc.
-  Poverty, Money Squandering Spirit, Business Failures, 
Debts and Financial Woes
-  Fear, Grief, Sorrow from the heart
-  Dangerous Enemies at Home and at Work: Envy,  
Hatred, Evil Arrows etc.
-  Destroy Your Known And Unknown Enemies/Send Arrow or Evil Back To Sender: The Vengeance of God Over your Unrepentant  Enemies and
Strongholds. (2 Thessalonians 1:6 Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to
them that trouble you)

-  Fortify yourself spiritually against deadly enemies and destroyers of your life
-  The Battle of the Delay in Promotion at Work
-  Unfulfilled Dreams and Ambition
-  Frustration resulting from unanswered prayers
-  Relationship/Family problems
-  Marriage and Divorce Issues
-  Health problems
-  Loneliness/Tiredness/Frustration/Setbacks/Poverty/Oppression
-  Impotency
-  Barrenness
-  Failure in undertakings
-  Pregnancy Problems, Miscarriage, etc.
-  Frustration and Delay in Breakthrough
-  Generational Family Problem
-  Dull Memory or Memory Loss
-  Depression/Fear/Stress/Worry/Hate/Pain/Resentment/Failure/Bad Habits/Addictions/Negativity and
all unwanted effects
-  Court Case: Legal Battles
-  Protection of yourself, Homes and Properties
-  The Battle of Delay in Marriage and for a Godly Spouse
-  The Battle of Loneliness; Rejection and Condemnation
-  The Battle of Academic Failures: Memory Attack and
other Satanic Manipulations 
-  The Battle of Unemployment
-  The Battle of Robbery Attack and Wastage of Fortunes
-  The Battle of Premature Death in the family 
-  The Battle of Stagnation of your Missionary Calling (for Servants of God), etc…..