Holy Cross


We have Holy Crosses or Deliverance Mighty Crosses  that  have undergone powerful consecration and carry heavy Anointing Power, making it to be highly efficacious and ready for individual's use. The Holy Cross is a form of Holy Mantle for direct anointing power impartation of the Holy Spirit into your life.

Beware! Those who hate or reject the emblem of the Holy Cross of Jesus
Christ or turn it upside-down are Satanists or enemies of God.


The Cross is the most recognized spiritual symbol of the Christian religion the world over. By statistics, the majority of all the Crosses found in the world today represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, also called the Deliverance Cross  of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. This is simply, without any argument a reminder that the Lamb of God shed his precious blood to remove our sins from this sinful world. Sanctified or specially consecrated Crosses can be worn as jewelry or fixed to buildings or hung around the home, shop or office. They are all important symbols of the Christian religion, and their presence around us create awesome Anointing power for our daily well-being. Our special Deliverance Crosses obtained from this site are powerful Holy Mantles for those who use them.


The special Deliverance Mighty Crosses are very powerful Holy Mantles that have been specially consecrated and carry high level Anointing Power of the Lord for happiness, peace, joy, promotion, success, money, good luck, love, good health, protection, good visions, wisdom and knowledge, long life etc. The Deliverance Mighty Cross has the amazing power to drive away evil spirits and demons, and destroy witches, wizards and enemies' powers automatically when in use, and solve all associated problems of mankind. It can be worn or put in your pocket, bag or purse. Also, they can be hung in the house, shop or office to create an environment of peace, love, security, prosperity, and blessings of the Lord. The spiritual efficacy of the Mighty Cross is tremendous, and it is therefore recommended for those who want to experience Anointing of God at another level. There have been astounding Testimonies from people all over the world who have experienced great signs and wonders in using the Anointed Deliverance Cross.

The use of this special Deliverance Cross is not restricted to ordinary people alone. Today, wealthy people in the world and high profile personnel have learnt to use the specially Anointed Deliverance Crosses to sustain their riches and wealth, and for peace, happiness and security etc. Also, it is of great interest to note that the use of these special Holy Mantles by Bishops, Reverends, Prophets, Pastors of great ministries around the world in our present day time is now on the increase. Special specifications of the Crosses can be consecrated for you according to your desire. We also consecrate Homes, Offices and Churches.