365 Days Prayer Marathon

365 Days Prayer Marathon for the World!

Hello again Brethren,

Praise the Lord! The Lord's Glory is revealed over all the earth in Jesus mighty name!!!

The Third Phase 365 Days Prayer Marathon has gone; we give all the glory to the Lord Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

This Prayer Marathon shall continue as revealed by the Lord, and here we go into the Fourth Phase of Prayer Marathon for the world.

Praise you the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness. - Psalm 150:1-2

Please check our past years’ prophesies to know more in details about what is happening in the world.     
Please read all over again and join the world in prayer NOW!!!

Our umbrella ministry; 
THE LAMP OF JERUSALEM will be connecting the world in power!
Prophet (ELIJAH) Stanley Kuforiji wants everyone to participate and share in the blessings of God. 

Period:           Tuesday 1st August 2017 – 31st July 2018 

Reason why we must pray now!

Beloved Brethren, Can you picture what is happening in the world right now?

Can you notice the prevailing uncontrollable acts of terrorism all around the world, health problems, civil & religious crisis, political unrest, famine, flooding, man-made catastrophes, natural disasters, and many others you can think of?

- We can hear the drums of war thundering among nations. 
- The countries of the world are currently experiencing persistent and severe political and economic problems.
- Many lives have been lost and homes displaced as a result of war, political unrest and natural disasters.
- The terrorist groups continue to launch their heinous attacks around the world resulting in the loss of many lives. 
- The enemies are busy turning the world into a battle field for many.
- The level of havoc the wicked powers have wrecked in the lives of many is truly shocking!

When you look around at the current trends of events in the world today, you will agree with me that there is need for more intense prayers.

The world needs peace and stability. The Lord is not happy about what is happening in the world and He wants to turn the situation around through our prayers.

We should arise and pray for international peace and well-being of the people of all the nations on earth. More than ever before, we need the power of God now to quell the uprising in the world.

Some nations need social and political transitions towards peace and economic progress. Through our prayers the Lord shall intervene now in Jesus mighty name. 

-  Religious Bodies and Missionaries across the world should pray more NOW!
-  Governments of nations and their Leaders should pray NOW!
-  Homes and Individual persons should pray NOW!

In this prayer marathon revelation, people who are able to form Cell Units in their respective locations can make use of our power imparting books and also other available resources from other ministries at their disposal in their meetings. Cell Units can be minimum three people who gather in one accord to pray at any time and days they choose to. People who wish can also include Fasting with their Prayer as they are led by the Holy Spirit.

We are to pray for everyone and the world as we release ourselves to the total control of the HOLY GHOST to do His work through out this period to the glory of the Lord. This is a prayer to also re-inforce your own blessings as you connect in love.

We shall ALL arise in ONE ACCORD to:

-  Pray for African Nations
-  Pray for American Nations
-  Pray for Asian Nations
-  Pray for European Nations
-  Pray for your own country and the people
-  Pray for your friends and neighbors
-  Pray earnest prayer for the helpless; the poor and underprivileged
-  Pray for yourself and your home
-  Pray for young ministries that are rising and fulfilling callings
-  Pray for the empowerment of big missionaries on earth; for God to turn them around to become soft and merciful; with genuine heart of love to release easily to the poor and help young missionaries that are scattered. 

Prayer is needed now to create a more powerful environment for the spreading of effective missionary on earth. Big missionaries should also learn to help their own impoverished brethren and ministers at all time who have no one to support them in time of needs. Often times, many of these faithful brethren become frustrated carrying much burden of life woes! Big missionaries should take adequate cautions in avoiding too much of unscriptural violent warfare prayers that also have back-firing effects on the brethren, the society and entire Church body. True missionary of Christ are sent to construct and build and not to destroy. The beautiful world is created by the Lord for the sons of men to take dominion over and enjoy with fellowship in one accord to His glory. (Gen. 1:26-31)

- Pray that the media and people should desist from destroying the image of Anointed servants of God in the world because they are God sent no matter what they see in them as weakness. They should exercise caution in handling matters that is exclusively Godly issues vested onto the Lord alone to judge.

The Church of God at every community needs full co-operation of the public for overall spiritual empowerment of the people for the expected peace, victory and success of all.

Connecting with others in power:
When you join, any time that you choose to pray each day know that you are also connecting with someone else in power who is also observing these prophetic directives.

No Discrimination:
All people; all of us as one people on earth are to pray. No discrimination or criticism in this prophetic instructions. All people should arise and pray in unity and in love; the time is NOW!

Acts 17:26   And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.

Method:  Prayers should be done in group or in person. If in group, you can also involve all the people around you in your community.

Mode of Prayer:  Total Surrender for Mercy of God and Help, Worship, Praises & Thanksgiving in Humility and Pure heart, interceding for the world, your country, your community, your friends and neighbors, yourself and family.

Below is the Guide on the patterns of prayer God will answer now!

Matthew 6:5-15 - The Lord's Prayer just as Jesus taught his disciples. We are to consider the Lord's Prayer carefully for reaching out to Him in ONE ACCORD.

Exodus 32:9-14 - Moses' Prayer for Israel in the Wilderness.  Incredible examples of Moses pleading with God to preserve his own name and glory, and not destroy Israel. 

Genesis 18:16-33 - Abraham's Prayer for Sodom; an example of powerful intercessory prayer which finds its basis in God's character and approval.

Psalm 51 - David's Prayer for Pardon and Confession of Sin. When we sin against God, how can we pray to restore our fellowship? David's prayer is a classic prayer of repentance. We must ALL pray it to change our own situation and this world NOW!

1 Chronicles 29:9-20   - David's Prayer at the End of Life. A short Psalm of Praise and David's prayer for his son Solomon to build the temple. A classic example for us never to pray against young aspiring missionaries that God Himself is raising up on earth now to His glory!

Psalm 139 - David's Prayer of Surrender. Explains David’s daily struggles with God's intense knowledge of Him, marvels at God's intricate formation of him in his mother's womb and care, and then prays a prayer of total surrender to God's Will who alone has the Sovereign power to deliver and bless. 

2 Kings 19:14-19; 20:1-7 - Hezekiah's Petitions for Deliverance and Healing. Here, a godly king Hezekiah was about to see his nation conquered and destroyed by the mighty Assyrian army. He arose and prayed with his people in one accord and victory was granted.

Daniel 9:1-19 - Daniel's Confession on Behalf of His People; offering a prayer of confession in which he identifies with the sins of his people and asks for God's mercy.

Nehemiah 1:1-2:9 - Nehemiah's Prayer for Success. Nehemiah hears of the suffering of the returned exiles. After grieving in fasting and prayer, Nehemiah prays for success and commits himself to God's will for his life and his people.

Luke 22:39-46 - Jesus' Prayer of Submission at Gethsemane. Jesus asks for the cup (crucifixion) to be by-passed, but then prays for the Father's will to be done most of all. How do you pray an authentic prayer of humility and submission? We must be an example of our Lord Jesus Christ if our present atmosphere in our own lives, in our own nations, and in the world is to be changed now!

Ephesians 1:15-23; 3:14-21 - Paul's Prayers for the Ephesian Believers. Here are Paul's prayers for the Ephesian Christians - and for us - to really understand the heights and depths of Christ's love for the entire generation of God’s people.

Are you a minister of God, Teacher of the Word, pastor, evangelist, bishop, reverend, apostle, prophet? It is true that you have a calling but the circumstances around you are perturbing. Often times you have been misjudged and humiliated from the woes of the violent environment. We know your battles of life and tribulations, and we believe that curses and limitation can never work against your life.  I pray for you and I DECREE restoration power of the LORD MOST HIGH upon your life & calling this DAY of the Lord in Jesus mighty name. We are inviting you to join as a Partner and get the right anointing to fulfill your calling. Do not delay because Satan is a dangerous serpent that will always want to block your action at any moment! You must be well-equipped spiritually in breaking down the satanic strongholds and challenges of the end-time missionary. Remain blessed as you hearken to the voice of the Lord.
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In this 365 Days Cycle Prayer Marathon, we are ALL going to cry out to the Lord until we see positive manifestations happening. Church Leaders are implored to co-operate and also be on their knees and pray in this worldwide prophesy of which GOD ALMIGHTY shall arise in glory and be merciful to all.

As we pray let us also remember the vision of the Apostle John; about the Lord’s warnings and Instructions to the Seven Churches

The warning and instruction to each of the seven churches is that it was time for repentance; specifically, it was time for churches to wake to reality, and it was time to repent. Without repentance, the church would cease to be a church!

Exhortation to the Seven Churches
Listen, Beloved brethren of the world, take the words to heart, and act fast now, for the time is short!

Promises and Assurances
Jesus promises that, for those who overcome, there are untold blessings to come. Jesus assures the individual, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. Anyone who hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in, I will eat with him and they with me." 

Jesus dictated these letters to the Seven churches through the Apostle John. They are recorded in the Book of Revelation, and are directly relevant to churches today, and to the individual believers who make up the church: the body of Christ.

Something to learn from the thief at the right hand side of Jesus Christ
This takes us to the story of the two criminals at the Cross- Luke 23:39-43 which represents how each of us are before the Lord:

Luke 23:39-43 
[39] One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: "Aren't you the Christ? Save yourself and us!"
[40] But the other criminal rebuked him. "Don't you fear God," he said, "since you are under the same sentence?
[41] We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong."
[42] Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom."
[43] Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."

 The Lord has spoken His Word again, whoever has ears let them hear what the Lord is saying here through His prophet!

The Lord bless you, your family, your nation and the world in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!!!

  Prophet (ELIJAH) Stanley Kuforiji